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Garden Blitz- Aldea Verde Preschool Project

If you've never heard of a Garden Blitz before, get ready! It's a fun new way that the Hill Country Bloomers have decided to reach out to the community and lend some expertise (and a few extra pairs of hands 😊). Keep reading to see what a Garden Blitz looks like from beginning to end...

After speaking with one of the parents and the Director at Aldea Verde, we knew that we had an amazing opportunity to help a local Spanish immersion preschool revitalize and install a sensory garden for the little ones to enjoy.

Aldea Verde- Before

There was so much potential in this space! We could tell that the parents were excited to have a place for their children to garden and explore and we were excited to put our gardening skills to work. So, with input from the parents and Luisi, the Director, we began to put together a plan that incorporated all five senses, a list of materials needed and finally, a list of plants we would need.

Although we had less than three weeks to make everything happen, donations started pouring in from parents and garden club members and the list of projects that we would be able to complete grew each day. Three days away and we had raised enough funds and collected enough materials to complete: (1) Filling the raised beds with garden soil and compost (1 1/2 yds); (2) Spreading mulch over the exposed areas (2 yds); (3) Building 2 children's potting benches; (4) Creating and painting custom signs for the garden areas; (5) Building a sound wall out of PVC pipes; (6) Planting a Touch table, a Sight zone with colorful pots, and a Taste and Smell Zone in the existing beds; (7) Installing a mister system along the roof of the patio for those hot Central Texas summer days; and (8) Installing a sensory pathway.

Saturday August 18th dawned and we descended on Aldea Verde Preschool with truck loads of soil, mulch, garden tools and a hundred or so plants...

Volunteers began to arrive and jumped right in to help wherever it was needed. Parents, friends, family and garden members all came together to get all of these projects done!

By 3pm that afternoon we saw the results of a hard day's worth of work...

Potting benches

Touch zone

Sensory pathway

Sound wall

Volunteer hand painted signs

Sight zone

So, are you excited about the Garden Blitz yet? We encourage anyone that is interested in hosting one to fill out our interest form and we'll contact you as soon as we can. If you're more interested in volunteering at one of our events, you can email us at hillcountrybloomers@gmail.com and we'll put you on our email list to receive notifications. Or, you can join us on our Facebook Group Hill Country Bloomers or follow our Facebook Page Hill Country Bloomers.

We look forward to many more Garden Blitz events and wish each of you a beautiful day out in the garden! 😊

End of a successful day. Go crew!

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